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Tell your story

  • animated narratives
  • data visualisation
  • on-line exhibitions

Serve your product

  • people buy with their eyes (good design)
  • but you have to let them do it (usability)

Boost your image

  • branding
  • brand websites
  • digital and printed PR campaigns
  • consistent message (print & web)

Connect with your audience

  • conference / event websites
  • conference / event apps
  • branding
  • prints (name tags, posters, agenda, proceedings)

Start smart

  • start-up websites and apps
  • UX design
  • start-up branding
  • Agile / Lean Start-up consulting

Whether you need a new website, a digital campaign or a re‑branding accross multiple platforms—digital as well as printed—you need us.


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The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is responsible for promoting Poland, the Polish economy and business during the World Exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai. Our role was to develop a promotional and informational website regarding the Polish presence at Expo 2020. case study

“Reflection. I am like you, surely” interactive installation

“Reflection. I am like you, surely” allows us to find our historical twins and look at their story from a completely new perspective. It gives us the impression that we could have faced the same fate as our “twin” and that their decisions and story are a part of our life. With the use of interactive mirrors a facial recognition algorithm searches for a historical “twin” in the museum’s database. case study

Katyn Pro Memoria

In April and May 1940 by a decision of the highest authority of Soviet Union, at least 22 thousand Polish prisoners and POWs were murdered Bodies of 4,415 of them were buried in the Katyn Forest. Katyn Pro Memoria is a form of commemoration an paying tribute to those who perished. Each visitor can light the candle of remembrance for a victim. case study

Law company website

case study

IT company website and branding

MCX is a group of tech and consulting companies, specilizing in cybersecurity, smart-city solutions and communication. Main goals of MCX where to position themselves as an expert, gain more recognition and build a positive employer branding. We helped them to build a consistent branding and a strong web presence. case study


The exhibit, based on research, is a 3d model of the city with an animated history of the Warsaw Uprising. The movement of troops and ongoing actions are visualized on an interactive animated map of Warsaw. The exhibit is a part of an exhibition “1944 Topography Interactive Map of the Warsaw Rising”. case study

Law firm—website

case study

“1000 Souvenirs” multimedia exhibits

Design and implementation of multimedia exhibits for “1000 Souvenirs” exhibition at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The task included the interface, design, software and assembly of exhibits intended for reviewing the collection as well as construction of dedicated keyboard (with full Polish alphabet). In addition, an animated spot promoting the exhibition was made. case study

Hi-story lessons

Hi-story lessons is a project showing the history of Europe in 20th century from different perspectives. We created animated narrative showing major events of 1918, 1939 & 1968 that shaped the continent. The project involves historians and educators from 6 countries (7 languages), describes 200+ events. case study

Paths of the Exiled

An animated narrative presenting the history of 300,000 Poles exiled in 1940–1941 by the Soviets and their path to freedom. The narrative presents the data, records & content from the largest social archive in Poland: The KARTA Center (Ośrodek Karta). case study

Pracuj w kulturze

Pracuj w kulturze (work in culture) is the largest online job board focused on the culture industry in Poland. We designed & developed the solution including the self-care panel for employers as well as custom application process. case study

IPECO Development

Ipeco restores old buildings in Warsaw. The site we created shows their works and tells the story of the renovations. case study

Warszawski Program Edukacji Kulturalnej

An interactive map of the Warsaw Cultural Programme. The site displays a multitude of cultural activities available to citizens. case study

Highlights conference

Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata is a conference on theoretical computer science. We created a flexible visual identity and site for each years’ edition and an internal slide review system for the attendees. case study

Punk is not dead

Website for an university group studying the history of French punk-rock music scene. A bold use of color, illustrations, custom typography all stemming from a strong visual identity. case study

Macaroni Tomato

Website, blog and on-line shop dedicated to Polish taylored menswear. The elegant use of typography, colors and delicate animations highlight the sophistication of the offered products. case study
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