Macaroni Tomato

e-commerce & start-up 2016
client: Macaroni Tomato Warszawa
blog branding website e-commerce illustrations
detailed scope: WordPress, third party ecommerce platform, animated illustrations, animated visualisation
mobile trends award
awwwards honorable mention
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Macaroni Tomato

Macaroni Tomato is a fashion blogger and high-end taylor. He needed to update his image on the web

The firm refers in its philosophy to the tradition of elegant tailored suits for men, so it was important that every element of the site should show this character.

The illustrations and icons correspond to the subject matter.

We created a site that reflects the identity of the brand, a unique blog layout taylored to the clients needs and updated the design of his on- line shop

The elegant use of typography, colors and delicate animations highlight the sophistication of the offered products.

Animations show that one can find costumes for different occasions and be dressed from head to foot.

The whole site is responsive, with different layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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