Wannsee Conference in numbers

culture & education
client: ENRS
animated narrative digital museum website
detailed scope: Concept, design and implementation

On the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee conference we have created an interactive website with the infographics detailing the history and content of page six of the protocol. The infographic aims to show the scale of the tragedy behind this bureaucratic document.

The main purpose of the project called is a critical analysis of the statistics of the Wannsee protocol.

The website aims to gather what we know about these numbers, using a map of Europe as a background to track places and people that were included in them.

Referring to the motto of the website—"Each number is a human being", the silhouettes of people from archival photographs appear in place of some of the digits in the number 11.000,000, which was Eichmann's total in the Wannsee list.

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