Augmented Haikus

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client: Sandra Gaudenzi
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detailed scope: concept, design, development
Augmented Haikus


Prompt users to visualize emotions related to the cycles of grief/change and to use creativity to boost their inner healing and capacity for resilience. As a result, we have created AR Instagram filter which prompt users to create digital poetry.


Augmented Haikus is a photographic exhibition of co‑created visual poetry that unleashes the trapped emotions of our shared confinement. It addresses the mental and emotional issues that have affected so many of us around the world due to the pandemic lockdowns.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors are invited to take a gift: a free postcard of their favourite visual haiku. The invitation is to “open it” at home and learn from the emotion they have selected. Once at home, a QR code allows visitors to “re-open” the haiku in their private setting by linking to a AR Insta-Haiku (an artist-made Instagram filter) that unfolds and deepens the understanding of the original haiku.

Our role in this project

We designed and developed AR Insta-Haiku (an artisan Instagram filter)

More story, less selfie

Instagram filters are used mostly to modify users' images. Such actions do not involve much creativity and are more about fitting the content to Instagram standards. Consequently, they are becoming more and more predictable and boring for both the audience and the creators. Our filter is not designed as a selfie tool. Sound, animation and AR technology encourage users to create short narrative form where surrounding plays a major role. Our intention is to distract the user from the standard interaction with social media for a moment.

Our partners

Sandra Gaudenzi is an internationally acknowledged authority in the field of interactive and immersive documentary practice. She has been consulting, mentoring, researching, lecturing, writing and speaking at international events for the last twenty years.

Sandra Tabares Duque is an international audiovisual producer of award-winning projects and films; founder of Sandelion Productions specializing in transmedia, immersive narratives and impact production.

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Augmented Haikus is an Instagram AR filter that prompts users to immerse themselves in the surroundings, and to create a story based on what they see around them.

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