IPECO Development

architecture 2016

Ipeco restores old buildings in Warsaw. The site we created shows their works and tells the story of the renovations.

branding website identity prints


education 2015

A visually striking identity and website for a foundation that operates at the crossroads of business and education.

animations branding website identity

Modlitwa w drodze


An unusual project—an app and website with prayers. The UX was a challenge that—judging from the reviews and awards—we were able to meet with success.

app design prints website design

AgileByExample 2016

conference 2016

AgileByExample is a big agile-themed conference orginised by us. And so this time the client let us do whatever we wanted… We created custom typography, uorescent prints and lots of balloons—and a website and app to match.

app branding website digital stands e-commerce identity prints scenography

Macaroni Tomato

fashion 2016

Website, blog and on-line shop dedicated to Polish taylored menswear. The elegant use of typography, colors and delicate animations highlight the sophistication of the offered products.

blog branding website e-commerce illustrations

Warszawski Program Edukacji Kulturalnej

education 2016

An interactive map of the Warsaw Cultural Programme. The site displays a multitude of cultural activities available to citizens.

animated narrative

Loding Shoes

fashion 2016

The site illustrates Loding’s range of high-end products and it’s focus on quality with made-to-measure animations and vector drawings.

animations branding website identity

Pogromcy danych


The logo of Data Crunchers—an online course on data analysis and the “R” programming language— re ects the syntax of statistical formulas (matrixes, commands, vectors, calculations).

E-LEARNING PLATFORM identity prints

Mikołaj Bojańczyk


A personal website for a researcher from the University of Warsaw.


Highlights conference

conference 2016

Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata is a conference on theoretical computer science. We created a flexible visual identity and site for each years’ edition and an internal slide review system for the attendees.

identity selfcare web application website



Web presentation for medical product mobileHolter.


Anniversary of Warsaw Estrada


A website created for the 60th anniversary of Estrada. The typographic elements mimic the changing styles of the decades.

online exhibition website

Next Level


Next Level is an on-line coaching platform. We created the visual identity and web service of the company.


Freedom Express


An on-line presence that would accompany a live travelling exhibition about the fall of communism.

online exhibition prints website


education 2015

A website for feminists that is pink and cute? If you don’t belive us click on the link below.


DK Kadr

culture 2016

We created a redesign of DK Kadr brand, logo and website creating new layouts for prints, posters and banners as well as a modern blogging platform to let them publish the repertoire of available events.

blog identity prints


transport 2016

Clear and simple app where you can easily check the exact location of the bus you are waiting for, the nearest car rental or bicycle station.

app design brand identity logo


education 2017

Website of International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP) – the main conference and annual meeting of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS).

identity logo website
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